John Etherington

John Etherington has worked in astrological bookselling since 1980. In the following decade he developed the astrology sections in Watkins Bookshop London and Changes Bookshop.

In 1994, he founded Midheaven Bookshop at the former Urania Trust Building. Upon its closure Midheaven Books moved to The Omnibus Business Centre, 39 -41 North Road, N7 9DP (currently used as a postal address).

John has been a student of astrology for nearly thirty years, and studied at The Centre for Psychological Astrology under the tutorship of Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas (he has their Certificate in Psychological Astrology).

John has written articles for Apollon - The Journal of Psychological Astrology, The Mountain Astrologer, and The Astrological Journal.

John can be contacted at: