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Liz Greene: Psychological Horoscope Analysis Liz Greene:
Psychological Horoscope Analysis
This unique synthesized text is the best introduction to Astro*Intelligence. Drawing on her vast knowledge and experience of Jungian psychology, Liz Greene presents an in-depth, personal psychological portrait. The text is divided into five sections - Your psychological Type; Character and Shadow; The Family Background; Relationship Patterns; and Paths toward Integration. Reading this text is like reading a personal report about yourself, and is almost like having a personal reading with Liz Greene. It does not include astrological significators, and hence can be appreciated by anyone seeking deeper insight into their own psyche.

Price: 28.00

Liz Greene:
Career & Vocation
In her introduction, Liz Greene says "The English word "vocation" comes from a Latin root which means "to call". Having a calling means something deeper - an inner Self or soul which knows what we are really here for. She also says that "this astrological report is about your vocation. It is meant to help you get a sense of what might be good for you, so that your working life has a meaning as well as a pay cheque".

"Career and Vocation" has six sections:

* Introduction
* How You See the World
* Your Aptitudes and Strengths
* Know Your Limits
* Working with Others
* What Success Really Means to You

Price: 28.00

Liz Greene: Career & Vocation

Liz Greene: Relationship Horoscope (One Side) Liz Greene:
Relationship Horoscope (One Side)
With the relationship horoscope you can apply Liz Greene's insights to your own personal love relationship. It can also be used to understand the psychological dynamics of a past or potential relationship. The text combines both synastry and the composite chart. It does not use astrological jargon, and reads as a lucid report. The sections include - What Brings You Together; The Essence of Your Relationship; and Deeper Issues Activated Inside. Relationship horoscope is available for partners of the opposite sex and also for partners of the same sex. The text is prepared from the perspective of the person whose name is listed first.

Price: 30.00

Liz Greene:
Relationship Horoscope (Two sides)
The two-sided relationship horoscope presents the text from the perspective of each of the people involved (it therefore comes in two separate folders). Many people will gain the information they need from a one-sided text. However, the two-sided text is useful if you wish to make a presentation of the relationship oroscope to your partner, or if you wish to understand the relationship from your partner's perspective, as well as your own.

Price: 45.00

Liz Greene: Relationship Horoscope (Two sides)

Liz Greene: Child's Horoscope Liz Greene:
Child's Horoscope
The Child's Horoscope is especially written for parents who want to enable the child to follow its own way right from the start. The text is essentially the same as Psychological Profile, but written from the parent's perspective. The sections of Child's Horoscope are - The Psychological Type; The Characters in the Story; Emotional Needs and Patterns in Relationships; Fears and Insecurities; and Looking toward the Future. In this text, Liz Greene uses her vast experience and deep insights into the personality, to treat the matter with care and delicacy - towards the parents as well as, most of all towards the child.

Price: 28.00

Liz Greene:
The Meaning of the Time
Yearly Horoscope Analysis

The Meaning of the Time takes an in-depth look at the psychological dynamics which are symbolized by a given year's major transits and progressions, including those of Chiron (it has astrological significators, at the side). The next explores The Years Main Themes and Significant Trends in each Sphere of Life. The astrological houses are therefore given consideration. The content of the text is ordered by date and lists the prevalent themes of each month. There is special focus on the challenging aspects, and the, sometimes, darker areas of the personality which they are likely to evoke. It is most appreciated by those who realize that in times of crisis there is the greatest opportunity for Self-growth. The text will start from the first day of the month of your choice.

Price: 28.00

Liz Greene: The Meaning of the Time

Liz Greene: The Long-Term Perspective Horoscope 2009-2014 Liz Greene:
The Long-Term Perspective Horoscope 2009-2014
The Long - Term Perspective Horoscope explores what the first five years of the new Millennium mean to you personally. Liz Greene looks at the movement of the outer planets through the signs that they are transiting as well as through the houses that they are transiting on your own chart.

Consideration is given to the really major transits of the years 2000 - 2005 (there is a small amount of overlap with the Yearly Horoscope Analysis). Included is an exploration of how the early Millennium years are experienced by your own generation group (i.e. those with the outer planets in the same sign as you). Consideration is also given as to what is happening in your own country / environment. This revised text replaces the previously advertised Horoscope 2000.

Price: 28.00

Robert Hand: Transits of the Year Transits of the Year draws on the transits of the planets over the different points in your natal chart, pointing out which themes and topics will be most important for you over any given year. The most important ones - depending on the respective natal chart - are chosen and interpreted.

Price: 24.00

Robert Hand: Transits of the Year

Midheaven Bookshop > Astro*Intelligence

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